Sentralisasi E-Arsip Keluarga melalui Analogi Proses Memori
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Fitriyah, I., & Nugroho, R. (2021). Sentralisasi E-Arsip Keluarga melalui Analogi Proses Memori. Jurnal Kearsipan, 16(1), 1-20.


e-Archive or electronic archive is an archive that is stored and processed in a format where only a computer or electronic device can process it. In the making of e-Archives, researchers apply a form of memory processing which includes information (encoding), storage (storage), and recall of information (retrieval stage). Researchers find an opportunity to advance the era of digitalization, centralize, and protect family records that are important through electronic media. e-Archives can be stored or accessed through online storage applications, but it takes more than just a storage application to centralize family records where every community, young and old, can access them safely. Researchers used literature review method and found that this e-Archive would help the community in storing and restoring family archives digitally, so that it would save time and energy. The centralization of this digital archive does not only benefit the community, but also the government, so the possibility of making it needs to be considered.
PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)